Personnages Autres / Others Characters

Action 52
Asuka 120%
Asura Blade Series
Battle Tycoon : Flash Hiders SFX
Big Bang Beat
Bunny Kill
Daraku Tenshi / the Fallen Angels
Death Crimson 2
Destruction Desire
Dragon Quest
Dungeon Fighters Online
Dungeons & Dragons
Eternal Fighter Zero
Eternal Zone
Eye of Typhoon (the)
Fight ! PussyCats
Fuuka Taisen
Gekido Advance
Gourmet Sentai Barayaro
Gremlins 2 - the New Watch
Hunex Fighters'98
Immaterial and Missing Power
Kakuge Yaro : Fighting Game Creator
Legacy of Kain Series
Little Master
Lunar : the Silver Star Story
Melty Blood
Metal and Lace 2
Michael Jackson's Moonwalker
Million Knights Vermilion
Ninja Baseball Batman
Nitro Royale
Noroi no Yokata
PaRappa the Rapper
Pretty Fighter
Queen of Duelist Gaiden Plus Alpha
Queen of Heart
Rainbow Six
Rapid Angel (the)
RPG Tsukuru 4
Sango Fighter 2
SD Hiryu no Ken
Sengoku Rance
Stone Protectors
Super Chinese Fighter
Tao Taido
Tough Guy
Trizomic Games
Variable Geo Series
Worms Series
Yume Nikki